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Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Are you a man or a mouse blogger?

Are you a man or a mouse as a blogger? Man or a mouse expression is usually used to encourage someone to be brave when they are frightened of doing something.

As I am in touch with many bloggers via this blog, Twitter and London Blog Club, in many cases I feel that the blogger needs some encouragement, inspiration and motivation to get somewhere with the blog.
Hit it out of the blog park

If you want to build an audience and an income, if you want to be your own boss, and make it in the blogging world you need to put a lot of effort into it. I feel like a lot of bloggers are more than satisfied to go for a single instead of trying to really hit the ball out of the park.

If you are not even ready to invest some $2 for your own domain name or some $5 a month for your own hosting account, you really have to think about what you really want to achieve from your blog.

Also if you focus on stuff that worked in 1990′s like writing META tags, submitting your URL to directories or spamming other blogs with “I agree” comments, you also have to think about what your real goal is.

Probably the worst is the one when the blogger is prepared to invest money in paying for ebooks, ecourses and membership sites, but not prepared to learn from it and put the time and effort needed to put something into practice.

If you want to be a man blogger you really must put in the time an effort into it – as Gladwell says put in the 10,000 hours into it.
Examples of mouse vs man behaviour

So my question usually is what do you want from your blog? Are you a man or a mouse blogger?

Here are some examples on what you may be doing that shows that you are not fully committed to your blog and not going for it with 100% effort:

* Free hosting vs your own hosting account
* Free domain vs your own domain name
*, etc. vs self-hosted WordPress
* Submit to directories vs writing guest posts
* Focusing on SEO vs writing great articles that attract readers / links
* Consuming content vs producing content
* Buying the blogging dream vs working on realising your dream

Take control and be the man blogger!
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