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Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

How to complete a work of blog art

Picasso had no problem starting or finishing his work. He said: “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” Tolstoy also: “Finish entirely what you have set for yourself.”

How come is it that many wanna-be bloggers have issues with taking that first step or finishing the last step? Why would people ever waste their time working on something they won’t even finish?

For some bloggers signing off on an endeavor or publishing a piece of work seems to be just as tough as deciding to get started working on it. A while ago I wrote the don’t plan it, just blog it post on a similar subject.
Don’t fall into the perfectionist trap

Many bloggers I talk to have great ideas and plans, but somehow they always find a reason or another to delay realising the idea or plan.

Don’t fall into the perfectionist trap. If you want everything to be perfect you will have hard time starting, there will always be something to work on before you would be happy with the final product.

Get out of your own head. Resist the urge to withdraw into your work. Publish something. Get feedback.

You will recognise that perfectionist thoughts and images in your own head will soon go away and the feedback from real-life users will mean much more and would be much more valuable to you.
It’s incredibly rewarding

Just go ahead, install the blog, or click on the publish button on the blog post you have been trying to perfect.

It’s incredibly rewarding to know you accomplished the task and actually have released some piece of work into the public – be it an empty blog design or a first blog post.

Only then will you understand that all the time wasted thinking and planning could have been used in getting your name and your content out to new people – and that is the goal that you are looking for.
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